If you have not yet applied but still want, you can do so here.

If you have already been notified about admittance, you still need to register here with the access code received by mail (before June 15th).

Registration to the conference is done through UIK’s platform. If you are already user of such platform, log in with your mail and password. Otherwise, register first to be a user.  Find detailed instructions for registration and access to your personal area on UIK’s platform here. You will find useful information with screenshots to lead you through the registration process. Once registered you will have access to your personal area where you can find your invoice and attendance certificate.

Points to be considered:

  • It is important to write your affiliation. Even though the field is not compulsory, it will be needed for your badge.
  • Click on the lunches/dinner you will attend. It is important to click on every lunch/dinner you are attending; otherwise we will think you are not coming on the date you have not selected. Write your allergies, if any, or preference for vegan menu, in the space provided once you click (on every service, please, so that we can have a list for each service)
  • You can either pay by credit card or bank transfer:
    • Credit card: you will be able to finish your registration straight away.
    • Bank transfer: You will have to upload a proof of payment on step 5. Your registration will be validated later on.   

Many institutions ask for a pro forma invoice to be able to make the payment. You can get it on step 4, but remember to change the billing address first.